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Legend of Zelda RP HQ!


* Welcome to the roleplay group dedicated to all of the The Legend of Zelda games!

* Are you a fan of Zelda? How about Roleplaying?

* If so, you’re in the right place! Interested?

* Great~! We’d love to have you join us! :iconlinkwantingplz:

* How to Join *

Please, please do not try and join before applying. Once you are accepted, we will allow both your main and your RP account to be members. Not before then, though.

First, you should read our Rules Blog and our FAQ

* Then, pick an available character that you want to apply as from this list. If you are having trouble deciding on a character check out the Requested Characters list at the bottom of this widget.

* After that, simply write up an application. The form is below, as well as on our rules blog:


    a) Which character would you like?

    b) Why do you want to roleplay as this character?

    c) Convince us that you can play this character. Describe this character's personality in your own words. The more details you include, the better. (We'll know if you copied from somewhere.)

    d) Show me your roleplaying abilities, please. Type a short roleplay example (a paragraph or two, the more you write the better) about the character in a subject of your choice.

    e) How many times per week would you be able to check your messages? Will you keep active by visiting us in our chatroom, posting journals occasionally, etc? BE HONEST.

    f) Do you agree with the rules? (Add any questions you have about the rules here, as well)

    g) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to roleplay as?

Note: If apping an original character or a gijinka, please see the rules blog. there are unique applications for them.

* After you fill out the application, send it in a NOTE to the Legend-of-ZeldaRP-da and wait for it to be accepted.




AoL: The Thunderbird
OoT: Meg, Joelle, Amy
MM: Odolwa, Goht, Viscen
OoX: Din, Farore
TP: Faron
ST: Anjean, Malladus

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Group Info


From now on, always comment on the group page once you take up or drop a character. You can do this while logged into the character in question or through another account as long as the character's username is somewhere in the comment.

This rule will be added to the master list of rules and is effective immediately.


$ :bulletblue:New Members:bulletblue:/:bulletwhite:Vacant Characters:bulletwhite: $

:bulletblue: Phantasmal-Hellion (Bellum) and Pirates-And-Sass (Tetra) have arrived!:bulletblue:


Current Character Reservation List :

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